Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Rest of the Week

Last week could not have finished fast enough. Not because I had nothing to do and time was just dragging. Au contraire, like I mentioned previously, I was so busy, the weekend could not have come fast enough. And on top of that, here we are, already December, Yikes!

When stressed, some people can't even think of food. I happen to be the opposite...

Shrimp ball wrapped in sugar cane (Phnom Penh)
... finger photo-bombed:p

Fried chicken wings

Buddha's Feast (Congee Noodle House)

Pea tips with garlic

Deep fried tofu

Fried chicken wings

(Keep in mind, shared with friends, ok? hehe)

At least, I got to do some good deed despite the hectic schedule. I managed to get together with some friends at work to do our regular blood donation.

And earlier, I decided last minute to go to a mall I don't usually frequent. What can I say, shopping relaxes me. Ok, maybe not in this particular mall. It was huge, and there were so many people, I just got a headache. Nevertheless, I was relaxed. HAH!


  1. What? Stress makes people not think of food?!?! Cray cray!
    And yummo on the food porn, my friend.

    1. IKR?!? Food always make me smile for sure:p Thnx!

  2. I'm with you,
    when stressed,
    I tend to crave for foods,
    very delicious foods that is.
    And sweets, i definitely sweets when stressed.

    1. I'm more of a savoury kind of eater but I definitely won't turn down chocolates:p


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