Tuesday, 4 December 2012

What's the Skinny?

Thanks to a recent email alert from Old Navy, I dragged myself to the mall over the weekend to check out the merchandise. Was that a good decision, you think? Of course not!

Old Navy Rockstar pop pants (Super Skinny)

The most ironic part is that the discount I got on the email did not apply to my purchase. MUST always read fine print! {Un}Fortunately, I love these pants so much, extra discount or not, I figured I might as well get them since they were already way discounted to begin with. The way I saw it, I've spent twice the amount for just 1 pair in the past(!), that these were definitely still smart buys.

I seriously don't even know how I started accumulating so many of these skinny jeans, be it colored, patterned, whatever...

Gap Always Skinny

Got that some 2 or 3 years back. My first colored skinny jeans. And it continues to be one of my fave.

American Eagle jeggings

Then somehow, last year, I got obsessed with that cobalt blue one that I just had to get it. I suppose that was the end of it.

American Eagle jeggings
... what's with the awkward pose?

And so it goes...

Gap Legging Jeans in cords 

... on and...

J Crew Skinny Cord
... doesn't look too skinny, does it?

... on and...

Gap Legging Jeans

... on and...

Old Navy Rockstar jeans (Skinny)

... on and...

American Eagle jeggings

MAJOR sigh... and I have not even included the regular ones, as in regular denim in blue and black. Again, MAJOR sigh. And please don't bother shaking your head. Between me and hubby, especially hubby, there's enough shaking head to last me a lifetime.

The best part about this is I don't even really know if they suit my body type. They must since I haven't heard a scathing remark as yet. All I know is I like them (reallly?!?) They're so convenient, and comfortable. I wear them with flats in the summer. I tuck them in my boots in the winter. So I guess regardless whether they suit me or not, those are good enough reasons in my book. Besides, I've got them now, don't I?


(On 3 now... *shake head*)


  1. I don't think you have enough....bwahaha! They do look good on you, darling!

  2. haha! but they look GREAT on you! i love the colors and prints. i hate when the advertisement doesn't apply. thanks for your kind words. i'm feeling better :)


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