Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Those Were the Days

As I was folding the laundry the other day, got me focusing on the tags on some of them (not sure why). One of them being my cardi, a black unassuming piece of clothing, an item so old I honestly don't remember how long I've had it. And I was kinda' surprised when I read what I read.

Express Tricot(?) cardi

Made in Australia. How cool is that! Guess you can kinda' tell how old this cardi is looking at the tag, but you'll never think it's that old (I think so anyway).

Which then got me thinking, then looking at some of my older pieces I have that, again, I don't remember how long I've had, but I still wear to this day.

BR sweater

Made in Canada. I guess this is from the time when Canada still had a garment industry, albeit dying. This is a sweater that used to belong to hubs. Yes, used to, as he no longer wears it, because someone else started using it hehe If I recall correctly, I may have given this to him on an occasion. Super comfy, especially around winter time.

Gap striped shirt

Made in HongKong. I guess when things made in HongKong were still the norm. Notice the old Gap logo? I love love this shirt. The cotton is thick and comfy.

...more Gap stuff

Made in Mariana Islands. I remember a time when my mom would tell me to look for this specifically because she thought the clothes were made well if made from this place, be it Gap, Ann Taylor, Jones New York, or whatever...

CK jeans

Made in Mauritius. Ok, this item is not as old as the others, but I thought it's still interesting, considering I don't think any of my other newer clothes are made in that country anymore (someone actually pays attention to those details? I do, evidently). But then again, I could be wrong.

AY! Those were the days, I suppose. I'm under no illusion that these pieces are vintage. I just find it fascinating, that's all.

And I may have just completely aged myself, but who cares. Maybe it's not my clothes that are vintage. Maybe I am the vintage. HAH! Again, who cares... hehe

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