Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hit or Miss

Last weekend's shopping excursion resulted in purchase of 3 items, see previous post. But deciding on those 3 items took lots a bit of trying out stuff. {Un}Fortunately, I happen to be one of those gals who have the patience to go through the whole process of trying numerous (as in numerous) pieces to see what works for me.

Take the last shopping trip, for example. For a couple of hits (in my head, that is)...

Purchased: the cardi and the skirt (shirt, my own)

... are lots of misses.

Miss #1 (and #2):

I call this the bathrobe-gone-wild dress. (See the striped item behind me? That's actually another (maxi) miss hehe, the material is so poor, the lining was clinging to me like crazy)

Miss #3:

I call this the tribal-gone-Golden-Girls maxi dress.

Miss #4:

I call this the floral-wanna-be-16-again dress.

Miss #5:

I call this the neon-ready-to-fly dress.

Miss #6 and #7:

I guess it's bad enough that I looked like a horizontal inflated celery stick with that sweater (on clearance or not, I care not), I had to pair it with tan maxi skirt. I call the result a tree-on-a-hippie-trip look.


Who's my worst critic? Me, that's who! Rightfully so, I readily admit, in some of these outfits.

Was that a waste of time for me? Definitely not. At the end of these kinds of experiences, I learn what works for my body. I learn that some pieces are better left to some people. I learn that some outfit experiments can either go awry really fast or make you smile in an instant just because you know you look fab in it. Live and learn, right?


  1. LOLZ....I don't know how you have the patience for all these stuff. That floral dress looks good though!

  2. heehee... yes, that dress did look nice, on the hanger:p

  3. You are so funny! I actually quite like the print on the wrap dress but have to say it does look like a bathrobe.. such a shame

  4. #3 & #5 look great on you! They're not misses!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  5. @trishie, my thoughts exactly! Guess that's why I grabbed it to begin with. @wida, thnx! Funny enough, as much as I'm making fun of that maxi dress, I actually almost bought it:p


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