Thursday, 17 May 2012

Online Shopping

For all sorts of reasons in my head, never really been a big fan of online shopping. Weird, I know. Especially in this day and age!

For the first time ever though (yes, first time! cray cray!), I caved in. Damn you irresistable sale price! And color/style too, of course! hehe

Was it worth it? Uhmm, ya-ah!

Vintage Matchstick Skinny Leg cord in Dusty Clay

First, the item is not even available at the local J Crew (which incidentally just opened last month), which I could understand since it's not of the current stock. Second, I was looking (yes, looking) for pants in pastel shade. Third, one word, clearance! The same style of pants, albeit different fabric, is being sold in store for $115. Ok, I know I've paid more for some of my jeans, but for what I'm looking for, couldn't really see myself shelling out that kinda' dough. And last and definitely not least, it fits me nicely, yay!

... I say ignore the bunching; it was the angle, I swear:p

I may have mentioned it in the past, I'm the type of shopper who likes to touch/feel fabric, and I'm usually all about instant gratification when it comes to shopping. But for this one, I thought I could forego those feelings temporarily.

Will I do it again? Who knows. Slippery slopes...

Which now brings me to my budget "goal" (yes, in " ", I admit, seeing my lack of success so far, but who wants to focus on the negative). This pair costed me $36.82 (with taxes + shipping), which now means my shopping expenditure for the month comes to $102.88. So, that's $2.88 over so far, mid-month... Hmmm, where have I heard that line before?

14 more days to go... slippery slopes... 14 more days to go...


  1. Definitely worth it:) And yes....14 more days....YOU CAN DO IT!!!


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