Sunday, 13 May 2012

Momma's Day

Last week just went by so fast, I tell ya.

First, I guess it took me practically the whole week to recover from that (very) late night movie last Sunday. Even though my mind thought it was doable, my body clearly didn't. Second, I ended up taking on more than I thought I was going to at work. Kinda' by choice, and kinda' not. But who wants to talk about work...

One good thing from last week, we finally managed to do our blood donation as planned. And to reward ourselves afterward, we went for some good old-fashioned burgers.

Red Robin

Gotta' replenish after all, no? hehe

The Banzai Burger
(Marinated in teriyaki and topped with grilled pineapple,
Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo...)

Before I knew it, Friday's come...

Yesterday was just a gorgeous day. And what do I do when it's beautiful outside? Why, shop of course! HAH! Oh, is it just me?

Well, the sunny day made me think of the summer days to look forward to, which got me thinking summer dresses and skirts and warm colors...

Calvin Klein cropped cardi, $16 (on clearance!
love the tiny ruffling),
inspired by her

For Cynthia linen skirt, $29.99
(the straw belt was a nice bonus but I will switch that,
for sure)... finally caved in to some linen

Raj 100% cotton scarf, $12.99 (love the stars!)

(All items from Winners)

So, Saturday's excursion has brought this month's shopping to $66.06 thus far. Not bad, I say. Not bad, until I receive the pants I ordered from J Crew, that is. Well, I haven't gotten them in my hands just yet, so until then...

And for Saturday dinner, I seem to be in some kind of pasta kick of weekends late.

Spinach fettucine with chicken breast in cream sauce

Can't be all about my food all the time after all. Hubs gotta' represent too, I suppose...

And today was another gorgeous day indeed! Fitting weather to celebrate Moms. Although celebrating it only in thoughts on my side of the coast, sending all my thoughts and love to my momma' on the other side. And to sis. And to all my mom friends. And, of course, to all other moms out there...


  1. LOLZ...well, May is almost done after all:P Great buys! Love that scarf! And yes, those yummy burgers to replenish the blood! bwahaha

  2. Thnx! I'm surprised myself how much I'm liking that scarf:p


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