Saturday, 5 May 2012

Nature of the Beast, I Mean, Bird, I Mean, Human

Standing in our balcony, hubs and I couldn't help but notice the birds going about with their business.

We hear chirping, non-stop. Good chirping, that is. Chirping that's music to your ears.

And on the tree, next to where these creatures are, was this lone one, of different kind.

It's fascinating, just watching the dynamics happening right before our eyes.

Just like most humans, the birds of the same breed sat in one tree while the one that's different set itself apart in another.

Just like what most humans would do, the birds seemed to have marked their territory.

Just like most humans, the one that's different which is clearly of a smaller breed (but then again, maybe it was a baby bird hehe) appears to be not wanting to mingle with the bigger ones. Its reason? Oh, I can think of a few if you give me some time. Hah!

Talk about anthropomorphizing.

But how can you not when you watch long enough and notice how their actions and behaviors mimic those of humans. Or is it the other way around?

Animal actions are more rooted to their base needs, no, whereas humans' can have a psychological twist to it. But then again, acting like animals, so to speak, are not beneath humans.


... I have way too much time on my hand, it seems...

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  1. I love watching interactions in nature and ask the same questions as well. Such an interesting world we live in!


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