Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Weekend of Good Deed (yay!), Good Food (yum!), and Good Buy (crap!)

I guess that's my weekend in a nutshell hehe...

I did end up doing my volunteer yesterday. I try to do it at least 2 Saturdays a month. I really could be doing more. One step at a time...

And as mentioned previously as well, I did end up meeting some friends for dinner. I just had enough time to rest for a bit. These are the people from the "food club". Not really sure how much of a food club our meetings are, but do I care? Nope. Hey, you say food, I say always fun. I think it's just really an excuse for all of us to meet and have some good time. And that, I am ok with! Who wouldn't be, eh?

Almost Famous Blackened Fish Burger, with Cowgirl Salad

I always think twice when I order fish in a restaurant. Not so much about the freshness (well, I expect that always, to begin with), but more so how well it's cooked, that is, not overcooking it. And funny enough, I've been to really good seafood restaurants where they've overcooked fish.

Last night, they happened to cook it just riiight, yummm!!! The coleslaw gave a nice crunch, and the salad on the side just made it a nice light refreshing dinner.

Yummy and fun evening indeed!

Got home later than I thought. O well...

Early this afternoon, I "ended up" at the mall. Needless to say, I have now used up the shopping budget I have set for myself. Yes, mid-month. And, I went slightly over. Yes, just slightly, as in $14.76 slightly.

BR gingham shirt ($36.74)

BR sweater ($12.73)
TOTAL (today): $55.41 (with taxes)

GRAND TOTAL: $114.76

Like I said, $14.76 over.

First I got excited when I found out the gingham shirt I've been eyeing at the store for a few weeks now has now gone on sale. Then I saw the signs saying additional 25% off on purchases. I knew when I brought some items with me in the dressing room that the gingham shirt alone would max out my limit already. But then I thought, how could I pass up a striped sweater, on clearance no less.

Then it finally hit me as I was paying for those items how much I've gone over.

The remaining time in the month, however, is not seeming to bother me. I thought, if I'm done, I'm done.

Am I ok? Yah, I would say so. I'm surprisingly calm, strangely enough. Let's just say it's quite an (interesting) eye-opener, for what it's worth...

So there goes shopping for the month.



  1. Mmm i love a good fish burger. You're making me hungry!

  2. That burger looks sooo good! And well, $14 over is not too bad:)

  3. Great gingham shirt! Haha, I actually just did a post with my own gingham shirt!

  4. The food was yum indeed! @Emmy, my thoughts exactly! @Elly, will check it out:p
    Thanks, ladies!:)

  5. mmm that burger looks so good, jealous! You just went a liiittle over, now the challenge will be not shopping any more this month haha

    xo Gillie

  6. Yup!!!:p... crossing fingers, and toes LOL


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