Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Arbiter of Literature

Not really sure when it happened but before I knew it, I've started relying on bookstore to become my source of what I could be reading out there.

Thanks to "Heather's Picks", and the other "Staff Picks", deciding what to read next has been made so much easier.

When has a corporation become such an arbiter of literature? In my mind, anyway. O wait, no, it's not the corporation, it's the people that made up the corporation, folks just like me. Really?

Or have I really just gotten that lazy? That I can no longer be bothered by reviews, real reviews, that is (again, in my mind anyway)? That if enough (random) people (who I don't know) have read it and given it good review, that it's good enough for me?

Meh, at least I'm still reading... HAH!


  1. But Heather's Picks are always good! And as long as we're reading, right?

  2. I must say the picks are good...


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