Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bed of Roses, Not Always

Blogging is personal, no two-ways about it, as far as I'm concerned anyway. The question then becomes, in my head, how personal is personal?

Believe it or not, I can be a very private person (to be taken of course, with a grain of salt, as I am here blogging, after all). Things that I share, in general, whether through here or with the people in my life (not counting hubs and family, of course), are obviously things I'm comfortable sharing.

When times are good, people have the natural tendency to share it more freely. That I understand. They're happy and they naturally want to share it. But what when life is not so much a bed of roses?

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I find a lot of courage in people who are able to share parts of their life that are both good and not so good. Some people treat their lives like an open book and some people might say that that's kinda a foolish thing to do (a very private person would), but I think there's something to be said about being an open book. To expose yourself in that manner, showing your vulnerabilities, giving others the opportunity to judge; yet, at the same token, being provided the opportunity to find solace in more people/places, by merely opening up.

I guess it really depends on how you see things. Are you the type of person who feels the world is not that friendly so that to expose your mishaps feels like you're giving the world ammunition to use against you? Or are you the type of person who feels that the world is generous and giving and is there to help you and that all you have to do is reach out?

The internet, on top of that, has definitely changed the way people are able to reach out, even to the strangest of people. What is actually private these days?

In the end, I ask myself, how much do I share, should I share? Say this blog?

I say, at this point, there is a time and place for everything.


  1. I tend to only share good things because i want my blog to be a happy space, not a side one. But sometimes I make mention that i may be unhappy without having to elaborate.

  2. I agree, I feel the same way too but I do hand it to those who are able to share a sad story yet it not taking away anything from the blog. Makes me wonder sometimes, that's all:p


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