Friday, 13 April 2012

Green Tea Kitkat

Finally got the chance to try it. FINALLY!!!

Green Tea Kitkat

Paid more than I should for it. Well, more than what mom and sis paid for anyways when they bought some in TO. But I do not care! HAH!

Yummmmmy!!! heehee

Good day indeed! And Friday the 13th at that! (No, it's not just all about the Kitkat, it was a good day in general)

Anyhoot, just a quick post today. Have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Megots the volunteer in the morning, then meeting fellow food club members for dindin.

I say a nice start to a weekend...


  1. oh wow first I ever heard of a green tea kitkat, is it any good?

  2. If you like green tea, you will like this for sure!:p


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