Saturday, 7 April 2012

Do I Include This Too?

I mentioned early this week that I've decided (finally!) to put myself on a budget. I'm still wondering though what to include in that budget. Well, I know clothes, shoes, purses and accessories are definitely part of that budget. It just must! hehe

But do I include make-up too? Including nail polishes?

I'm thinking not.

Sephora by OPI Matte Topcoat

Sephora had a promo going on last week, 15% off entire purchase til Thursday. And lucky me, I still had a gift card left over from Christmas. So last Wednesday, I thought I'd re-stock my Bobbi Brown mineral powder since I'll be needing it any day now. (The gift card took care of that, yay!) I also thought, since I was already there plus with the 15% off, I might as well finally buy (yes, finally) a matte topcoat that I've been meaning to get for a loooong time (yes, looong). (Alas, the gift card didn't take care of that.)

Makeup, in general, have never really been an issue for me, as far as shopping is concerned. Ok, maybe they were, at some point, loooong ago, in my young(er) days, but things have changed. I tend to only get them now when I need them.

So, again, I'm thinking not. No? I'm sticking with that, for now, anyway.

As for the carry-over to the next month (hey, I'm still hopeful), I think that sounds good, for now, anyway. Gotta' leave some room for some "nice" stuff every now and then, right? *raised eyebrow*

The good thing with this new self-imposed cap, as I was going thru the mall yesterday on my way home, for example, I ended up putting things down when I was at the Gap. After much deliberation, I realized I didn't want to use the remaining balance I have this early in the month. Whew, that was close! heehee

Anyhoot, as I was walking through (yes, just walking through) H&M early this week, I think, I noticed they have some Marni stuff again.

Notice the scarf in the first pic? It was cut in half! WTF! I realize this is a collab, but I really am not able to justify the prices in my head. $50 for the totes, and $70 for the sandals!!! Maybe Marni's designs are just too cerebral for me. Plus the material on the bottom totes, for example, reminds me of the rice sacks I used to see in my grandparents' farm as a child, only with patterns. Again, maybe it's just me...

Needless to say, no Marni for H&M stuff went home with me. HAH!


  1. and nail stuff should not be included!
    And that Marni collection was always so-so for me too:(

  2. It shouldn't, riiight?:p I'm not going to anyways, unless that becomes an issue too lol


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