Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Beginning of Summer

Over the Memorial Day weekend, not that we celebrate it since we don't live in the US, I ended up making a a classic American eat to mark what people usually associate Memorial Day with, the start of summer, in addition of course to honoring the fallen soldiers, that is. So I suppose we inadvertently kinda' did anyway...

... the beginning of a juicy bacon cheese burger

And I guess you can't have burgers without...

(Garlic) Baked French Fries, my version of

Garlic Flavoring:
Extra-virgin olive oil
Butter (just a tad)
Garlic, crushed
Parmesan cheese

(I tossed the fries right into the mixture straight from the oven, then I put it back into the oven for few more minutes to marry the flavor)

The meal did taste like summer. Now if only I can say the same about the weather...


  1. That's what a real burger is all about! Thick, juicy with a generous serve of bacon. YUM

  2. It was delish, for sure, ladies:p Thnx!


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