Sunday, 19 May 2013

A New Kind of Retail Therapy (eeep!)

Like I mentioned previously, I have not been doing any "real" shopping lately, which is really good. Ever since I got my e-reader as a Christmas gift from my sisters, let's just say, I've been preoccupied hehe

I've resisted e-books for the longest time as I felt there is something nostalgic and comforting about the feel of a hardbound or paperback book. I love being able to flip thru the pages, and on few occasions, even skim thru the last few pages to kinda' give me an idea about the ending *sheepish grin* But months leading up to my receiving my gift, I've been known to have started reading books on my home PC, which was kinda' sad, I know, so I guess my sisters finally took pity on me, hence the gift...

via goodreads

This is a story of 4 women during a very specific time in Jewish history. I don't have any knowledge about this particular time of history but it didn't take away any pleasure from my reading experience at all. The story is also infused with practical magic which added a different dimension to the story, I thought. Each of the women's story describes a pivotal time in their lives that made them who they are, including loves found and lost. I admit I shed a tear or 2 over the ending. I knew it was coming and all I could do was brace myself for it. It wasn't an easy read, that's for sure, but for me, it was worth it. Ms. Hoffman can definitely write.

... The thing about e-books is, like what most women have discovered, you can pretty much fill it with anything with no one the wiser and unfortunately, I am no exception *raises eyebrows* So now, the sky has certainly become the limits. HAH!

(One of these days, I may even be brave enough to write about some of those books...maybe... hehe)

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