Sunday, 9 June 2013

Things That Keep Me Up At Night

How am I going to find time the time to read my bajillion books?

What book should I read next?

Why is my e-reader not syncing properly?

How can some e-books be more expensive than their paperback version?

When are they going to put that pair of shoes on sale?

What restaurant should we try next?

What if I miss {insert name}'s tweets?

Generic ketchup or not?

How can she wear the same top from yesterday?

How can they end The Following that way?

Why am I keeping all these episodes of {insert title}in our PVR?

Why is {insert title} so popular? What am I missing?

Did s/he just really write that? What is s/he thinking?

Did I use the right tense in that sentence? Was my grammar correct?

Why did she take that character in that direction?

Did s/he see my tweet? Why is s/he not responding?

Why can't I delete this activity from my timeline?


... ok, not really... {hashtag} first world problem...



  1. Hahaha...SMH, dahling...SMH

  2. You're so funny, my dear! I often think about what food I'll eat next, especially these days with the pregnancy cravings. hehe

    1. At least you have a reason whereas I only have excuses lol

  3. Read some crime book, it'll keep you up!

    1. I know eh! I did that with mystery/suspense, let's just say lesson learned hehe


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