Tuesday, 11 June 2013


... Blogger

Still? Yes. To this day, still not too many of my friends know that I blog. I started sharing this fact with a few when I first started, but as it turns out, most of my friends are not so keen on blogging, whether reading or writing one, let alone finding out about my inner thoughts. Well, duh, I guess they hear enough from me in person or FB (ok, not so much there either lately), and now I expect them to read about it too? As it also turns out, some, if not most, are keen on keeping their privacy and think blogs negate that. Hey, so am, and do, I! Yes, seriously! Perhaps my major reason to begin with about being in the closet with my blogging. Oxymoron-ic, I know (is that even a word?).

... Tweet-er

Again, I learned that my friends are not that big fans of Twitter. Solid FB users, thru and thru, but the love doesn't quite extend to Twitter. What's not to love, I'm not sure. I can be succinct or cryptic as I can be in 140 characters or less to no one in general.

... Tumblr-er(?)

Ok, I don't really use my Tumblr account.

... Goodreads member

If you're an avid reader and haven't been to this site, you have to check it out. Maybe it's just me, but it's addictive! I can get lost in this site for hours just discovering new books and reading what people think about various books. And I think because I was reading so many reviews, I had this brilliant idea that I can do the same *raises an eyebrow*  I thought if I cared enough about what some random people feel about a book, without knowing anything about those people, then perhaps some other random people will feel the same way about what I write... *sigh*

(via Google images, courtesy of syra-arts.com)

So there you have it! My virtual self, all (mostly) compartmentalized in tiny digital boxes. *grins* You may, or may not, get a sense of (a part of) who I am...

When you blog/tweet/post, what goes thru your head when you hit that publish/tweet/post button? How reflective of your real self is your virtual self? Do you ever think of possible consequences, or if there are any at all?


  1. You know what goes in my head when I'm online? Nothing. Hahahaha....there are consequences?


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